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Concept Cars

  • Wednesday, January 22, 2014

    The automobile industry is constantly changing with different carmakers battling to be at the top of the game. New technology comes out every year and automotive design is being changed to set the standard in new vehicles.

    Cars of the Future

    Auto shows are great places to get a preview of the cars of the future. Concept cars are designed with the specific purpose to impress consumers and other automakers. These concept cars usually contain the latest in innovative design and technology, some of which haven’t even been tested. Because of these, many concept cars designed for auto shows don’t actually make their way to production. The concepts, however, are further researched and developed and can make an appearance in new releases.

    New Releases                

    Although not all concept cars are put into production, some of them are. The cars that do make it past the final cut are very impressive, incorporating innovative design and convenient technology. Two of these cars are set to be released in 2014. This year, the Ford S-Max and the Kia Trackster will both make appearances at dealerships across the nation. The S-Max integrates the latest in Ford technology, including MyFordTouch and Sync. The Trackster is similar to the Kia Soul, but is a three-dour, all-wheel-drive version. In addition to these concept cars, the Honda NSX is set to be released in 2015. This luxurious sports car has already made a debut at the Mid-Ohio Raceway, but it is currently being developed further.

    Concept Cars

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    <img src= /> <br><a href= title="2014 and 2015 Concept Cars" width="550"> 2014 Kia Trackster, 2014 Ford S-Max, and 2015 Honda NSX</a>

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